The journey began for Joe Smith in a small town in Northern Indiana, where he first heard the recordings of Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, SRV and Prince from his Father and Mother’s record collection. He started spending hours a day in his room listening to these recordings and any others he could get his hands on, trying to imitate the sounds that were coming out of the stereo. In his late teens Joe toured the American Midwest with a variety of bands and solo projects ranging from straight ahead Blues and Rock to Electronica.

After taking a break from touring he decided he wanted to become a more well rounded musician and to be prepared to educate other musicians, so he went back to Indiana University of South Bend in 2016 to begin studying Jazz guitar in a professional manner. At this time he also began teaching guitar professionally. 

In 2018 Joe was accepted to Berklee College of Music where he is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree and has studied with Scotty Johnson and Amanda Monaco. While achieving this accomplishment he is also playing as much as possible in his local scene as a studio and live musician, as well as teaching locally and providing online lessons.